On what basis do you supply clips?

Footage is supplied to our clients by means of a licence which means that the footage can only be used in a named production for a specified period. It may not be re-used in other productions other than that named in the licence agreement. Nor may it be sold or rented. The team must be contacted in advance should further usage or a re-licence be required.

How does the pricing structure work?

Licence fees vary depending upon the nature of the project. So, footage cleared for a museum exhibit will be at the lower end of the pricing structure while a commercial clearing worldwide will be at the higher end. We like to work collaboratively with our clients and are therefore happy to negotiate a competitive rate whatever your project.

What sort of clearances are required?

Again, clearances vary depending upon the type of project. While the majority of our footage does not require further clearances, our team are experts on guiding clients through the rights' clearance procedure.

Help! I've been given a brief but need some help with ideas

We like to consider ourselves part of our clients' creative team and love to come up with suitable ideas and clips. Our team has worked on many projects and has developed an eye for that perfect shot.

How soon can I see footage that is not digitized on your site?

Our friendly team can supply bespoke low res footage for viewing purposes.

On what formats can you deliver material?

Our footage can be delivered across a range of digital file formats, we can also supply material on tape formats if required.

How soon can you deliver high res material?

Master material can generally be turned around in hours.