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A rare collection of amateur films shot by a member of the aristocratic Mountbatten family during the 1920s and 30s. The films follows them on a world trip through Stalinist Russia, Nazi-controlled Germany and includes stunning footage of a Jewish market in pre-WW2 Warsaw. The films also feature the lighter side of life, and their celebrity friends such as Douglas Fairbanks Jr, Barbara Cartland and Charlie Chaplin.

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Henry Wyndham Collections

Another look inside the life of the British aristocracy, this superb collection has been newly digitised into 4K. These home movies extensively feature the Windsors and other royalty, with a very young, relaxed Princess Elizabeth frolicking freely in Balmoral, this is a valuable and varied snapshot of life amongst the aristocracy in the early part of the 20th Century.

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Sam Silver Collection

A great collection of home movies and travelogues from 1930s–1960s, one can see the build-up to WW2 around Europe, as well as venturing across to NYC and Miami. Other highlights include an interview with Ronnie Biggs, who was part of the Great Train Robbery in 1963.

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Michael Holman Collection

A funky look at breakdancing and early hip-hop videos including performances by Run DMC. This collection features the first ever B-boy film ever made, shot primarily on Super 8. Mainly from 1980s, there are also some great shots of NYC.

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Warrington Cine Video Society Collection

A small, UK-centric collection which features street party celebrations and decorum in a Northern English town, from the 1953 Coronation to the 1977 Silver Jubilee.

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Jan Moran Neil Collection

Home movies and travelogues from the 50s and 60s, it mainly depicts London at this time and caravan holidays around the UK, but also ventures farther into Europe.

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Mosaic Films

A small and rather niche selection of rushes from various productions including Martin Parr films. Other themes include British past-times, such as regattas and village fetes, as well as the reaction to Princess Diana’s funeral.

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William Treharne Jones

A small but striking collection, consisting of a documentary about Castro, Cuba and the 1959 Revolution, as well as Soviet war era films from Afghanistan and Uzbekistan.

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Spanish Civil War - Russell & Lynda Palmer

Colour footage of the Spanish Civil War shot from Franco’s side, a fascinating propaganda documentary.

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Walton Film Collection

Various travel shots from around Britain, highlights include colour rushes from 1952 Coronation, and kitschy soft-core blue movies.

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John Gorringe Collection

Mainly from 1930-1950, this archive contains some great shots of Canada, specifically Quebec in the winter. It also includes GVs of Britain from small villages and London, as well as a 1930s ski-instruction video.

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The Imperial War Museum's film collection covers all aspects of conflicts in which British, Commonwealth or former Empire countries have been involved since the start of the twentieth century.

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